How I Budget As A Student: January, 2020

university student budgeting

So one of my goals for 2020 is to track my money and see where I spend all my money on. I spent the whole last semester spending money left, right and centre and not really thinking about it. If you’re like me and want to see how students budget their money, then keep reading. 

I’m planning on writing a monthly budget tracker – I want to be able to see how much money I spend per month, and aim to spend less after each month goes by. As a student on a budget, budget planning is definitely a task that I need to start consistently doing. After logging all of my January expenses earlier, I realised that I found a new method of productive procrastination! I actually liked looking back and seeing where all my money goes. 

So here’s my January expenses. Please bear in mind that I only got back to university half way through January and had exams for two weeks immediately after, so this month’s budget is actually not what I would usually spend in a month.

My Expenses – January, 2020

Category Cost Description Total Cost

Eating Out



Café Shop



Groceries £58.36 –  £58.36



Going out


Personal Care/Beauty £3.44 –  £3.44
Sports £1.00 Volleyball tryouts £1.00
Education £10.79 –  £10.79
Other £250.00 House Deposit £250.00
Total:  £414.56
Total without house deposit £164.56

I usually aim to spend on average no more than £10 pounds a day. Obviously on some days I don’t spend it all so I use it for other days. 

But this month was a special spending month and doesn’t really represents what I spend in a normal month. I had to put some money in a house deposit, which I won’t be doing every month. I’m also hoping to one day get that deposit money back., which is why I made a separate row showcasing my expenses without the house deposit. 

Like I said, I had exams this month, so this month’s expenses is out of the ordinary. This is essentially the money I spent in half a month, and I went out less than I usually do because I was stuck inside studying all day. 

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