5 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

With storm Ciara and Dennis hitting many parts of the UK and other areas of Europe, going out is definitely the last thing everyone’s mind. Besides walking there and back to my university lectures, I really don’t see the point in leaving my house. The sky is gloomy, the hail is painful and the wind is just unbearable.

As much as I love travelling and exploring new places, I also love cozying up in my pink blanket on a rainy day. There are loads of things you could do at home if you’re feeling like the weather shouldn’t get the best of you!

Doing my nails: Probably one of my absolute favourite things to do. I love buying and testing new nail varnish colours. I’m currently wearing the Essie Clothing Optional nail varnish. I definitely think Essie is one of the better nail varnish brands out there. They’re affordable, easily found in any drug store and don’t ruin your nails! Definitely a great rainy day activity to do if you’re bored. 

Watching a movie: I’m a sucker for watching something online when I’m bored and don’t feel like going outside in the cold weather. Doing my nails whilst watching a classic chick flick is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s definitely something I recommend. Last week, I did my nails whilst watching Grease – probably one of the best nights in I’ve had at uni. 

Drinking some good ol’ green tea: What else sets the mood better than a nice cuppa green tea? On a cold day, all you really need is a warm cuppa and you’re good to go. I love watching a movie whilst drinking tea – it makes the atmosphere really relaxed and chill; definitely the vibe I look for on a rainy day. 

Meal prep: If you’re not feeling like staying in your bed all day, then meal prepping is definitely another option. As a university student on a budget, I like to meal prep some food so I can take it into uni the next day. Having a chill day or weekend in is the perfect opportunity to listen to some music whilst meal prepping for the next few days!

Clean your room: If you’re feeling productive, then why not try cleaning your room? My room gets messy so easily since I got to university, so cleaning up my room and bathroom is definitely a good task to do on a rainy day! Even though it seems like such a chore, if you turn on your guilty pleasures playlist on Spotify, the cleaning will be over before you know it! Definitely something I recommend to do if you’re feeling like being slightly more productive. 

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